Sunday, July 20, 2014


Every pair of sunglasses is accompanied by a 5ml aluminium tin, filled with beeswax and olive oil salve. This natural mixture is handmade by us and it consists of 100% white bee's wax and extra virgin olive oil.
During the final stages of crafting a pair of sunglasses, every model is covered with a thin coat of this salve. This procedure makes the frame water-repellent and lightens up the wooden grain, providing a semi-gloss finish. Since wood is a living entity, from time to time it is needs your care. Take care of your sunglasses by following the instructions on the brochure included with your purchase after periods of overuse.

Please note that Zylo is all about the in-house manufacturing process, so full commitment is given to each pair. For this reason, the processing time needed for each order is 7–10 days. If you have chosen the engraving option, please be aware that the estimated processing time is 7–12 days.


We wanted to live with the material; we wanted to hear its side of the story by working with it. Thus, we explored wood's behaviour by starting with small handcrafted artifacts and simple constructions. That is how we spent four and a half years of creative activity.
We started handling and shaping wood in various ways, learning new techniques and procedures. As we were training ourselves, wood started to train and educate us in its own ways. We are thankful for every bit of knowledge we extracted from this process and we are proud of our creations. So, we’re putting the results of our passionate labour back where we first envisioned them, in front of the sun.
Zylo eyewear was founded by Eleni Vakondiou and Periklis Therrios.

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